Warwick Med is leading the change from disposable theatre caps to reusable “name and role” cloth hats. These are already boosting staff morale and reducing patients’ anxiety as they enable everyone to identify the people around them, quickly and easily. 


“The biggest difference I noticed was on Monday when people addressed me by my name a lot more than usual” “The team huddle is all well and good in the morning, but I don’t remember everyone’s names and if we had named caps for everyone that would be great”  Dr Mruga Diwan, Royal Liverpool


Our mission is to improve communication among healthcare professionals and patients by sharing best practice and promoting the many benefits of our eco-friendly, personalised caps.

Our Mission

WarwickMed are leading the change from disposable theatre caps to “reusable name and role hats”.  We are already seeing positive outcomes with staff morale boosted......

The Positive Effects

“The colourful hats brighten up the department, surgeons and patients ask on abbreviated roles for example ODP or ODSW.  It has been seen as a great communication tool and patients ...

Cost Savings

It will come as no surprise that switching from disposable to reusable caps saves money, but it might surprise you just how much.  Let’s look at an example in a couple of different ways. 

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Dr.Mruga Diwan, Royal Liverpool

“Double thumbs up, comfortable and environmentally friendly and in scenarios where we may be working with different teams i.e., in resus, on arrests on the ward etc, it improves communication”.

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Lindsay Quinn, Fife Hospital

“The colourful hats brighten up the department. Surgeons and patients appreciate the fact that these include the medics’ names and abbreviated roles, for example ODP or ODSW. 

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Dr.Mruga Diwan, Royal Liverpool

“The team huddle is all well and good in the morning, but I don’t remember everyone’s names and if we had named caps for everyone that would be great”

“It’s a good idea and helps to identify who is who”.

Creating A Clearer NHS

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For A Safer NHS

“Medical errors in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the United States, just behind heart disease and cancer. Globally it is believed that medical errors kill more people than HIV, Malaria, and Tuberculosis, combined”.  (Patient safety network, 2020).

For A Greener NHS

An average 20 theatre hospital would usually dispose of around a minimum of a 100,000 caps per year all going into landfill.  Our hats will last for at least 3 years which can also at the end of their life be re-used (shredded and used as insulation for various things e.g. car doors) see how much you can divert from being sent to landfill here


There is a real power in using first names – hearing our name is proven to activate patterns in the brain which make us more alert and responsive...

Infection Control

There will also be factors raised due to infection control, who it is contained and how the hats PPE is transported to and from the home.


Some of our products can be personalised, this is part of the Patient and Staff awareness campaign. This is optional and only available on certain ....

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