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Covid 19

Covid 19 has exacerbated communication problems, creating many more obstacles than before.  Clinical staff in full PPE cannot wear name badges to identify themselves to their co-workers and patients.  It is more important than ever that staff, often with only their eyes showing, can be quickly identified. Many staff are frequently moved or redeployed to different areas within the Hospital, depending on rapidly-changing demands, making it even more difficult to know who is who.

Since Covid-19, patients have become specially vulnerable, often deprived of visits from their loved ones.  When waking up from their procedures, they are disorientated, confused and scared, particularly if they cannot recognise the person looking after them. Named theatre hats play an important role in reassuring patients, reducing their anxiety and boosting their chances of a good recovery.

For clinicians, being able to identify quickly and easily who is who in theatre is the key to effective communication. Extensive research backs this up. 


“70% of adverse events in theatre environments are due to some form of miscommunication” 

-World Health Organisation 


In an emergency, easy identification is even more vital. During an operation or if a patient has arrested, every second can make a difference. 


Mistakes have been made where misidentification has delayed getting the right equipment, or even medicine being given in error to a patient’s husband during a c-section. 


Our reusable, personalised theatre caps help reduce these adverse events caused by miscommunication, and increase patient safety. 

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