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At Warwick Med, we are trying to work towards a cleaner future and one of the many benefits of implementing our name and role hats is enabling a sustainable change to help towards making a greener NHS.

At Warwick Med, we believe our work to change NHS practice from disposable scrubs caps to reusable ones can play an important part in this mission. 


As well as the financial and communication benefits of reusable caps, we will continue to promote the environmental benefits of our products. We hope that by sharing stories and evidence-based case studies we can encourage more hospitals and trusts to make this important change and reduce the vast quantities of single-use masks that are incinerated or sent to landfill every year. 


Supply of disposable caps and masks 


Disposable caps harm the environment but are also becoming harder to source, causing shortages in hospitals. 

Disposable caps and face masks are made from the same materials and prices have rocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to soaring demand for face masks. Switching to reusable theatre hats would remove the increased cost element and supply issue. 

For a greener NHS

We at Warwick Med whole-heartedly support the initiative ‘For a Greener NHS’ launched by NHS Chief Sir Simon Stevens in January 2020.

“We want to build on the great work being done by trusts across the country, sharing ideas on how to reduce the impact on public health and the environment, save money and – eventually – 'go net carbon zero'.” 

-Sir Simon Stevens

The policy aims to act and tackle the climate ‘healthcare emergency’ and created a net carbon zero NHS by 2050.  

This process will look at everything from travel and estates to medicines and supply chains.

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