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We are constantly researching sustainable potential materials for re-usable protective gowns/products which are breathable and comfortable to wear for essential healthcare workers.  Ideally, we would like to be able to make our fabric reusable garments from 100% recyclable materials and we are working with Birmingham University who are trying to make this possibility into a reality. 

Green World

Developing Products

We aim to constantly monitor feedback from Trusts, to hear their views on our products with regards to how we can improve them and also, if there are any garments that we can help to develop which may be beneficial.


Our scrub jacket is an example of this.  University Hospital Birmingham explained that many of their Theatre staff were cold at work and there were no short-sleeved options of jackets for the staff to wear to keep them warm. 


We listened, collaborated with them and had our manufacturers design a short-sleeved scrub jacket which UHB are now ordering.   

In many cases, hospital charities are financing the jackets and hats to go part of the way towards a more sustainable, greener NHS. What a great way for charities to enable this initiative to happen. 

1 TONNE = 1000KGS
An average 20 theatre hospital would usually dispose of around a minimum of a 100,000 caps per year all going into landfill, this is the equivalent to 1 tonne in weight. Our hats will last for at least 3 years which can also at the end of their life be re-used (shredded and used as insulation for various things e.g. car doors) see how much you can divert from being sent to landfill here

working together with university of birmingham
WMG Group , Warwickshire
All of our products are made in the united kingdom
Warwick Med sustainable developments
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