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Frequently asked questions

Do you have latex free elasticated hats?

Yes, all of our theatre hats are latex free.

How do the hats display person's name and role ?

First name embroidered with first letter using capitalised font, the rest of the name lower case. The role is two font sizes smaller than the name. Again, capital first letter and the rest lower case unless it is abbreviated, such as ‘ODP’ in which case all capitals.

What is the lead time for a fair-sized order?

Within 2-4 weeks depending on the work load we have at the time.

How is payment made?

For personalised items, we require garments to paid for up front, usually by an online method. For hospital trusts, we would require an order number.

Are the hats unisex?

Yes, they are all unisex however the typical choice for ladies is the elastic backs and tie backs for the men.

What material are the theatre hats made of?

65% polyester and 35% cotton with choices of light weight (145gsm) or medium weight (195 gsm) and a choice of finishes (microbial/anti-viral). Most clinicians opt for the light-weight fabric as this seems to be suitable all year round, so they are not too warm in the summer months.

​Are the hats durable?

Yes, we use only the best materials and Carrington fabric.

Do the hats comply with hospital standards?

Yes, our hats do comply with international hospital wear.

What size shall I order?

Please click on our size guide here to help you to choose the best size for you.

Can I choose my own colour?

This will largely-depend on your own hospital, some Trusts may prefer to have certain roles in certain colours.

Do you have a discount for larger orders?

Yes, we do and we are very competitive. Our bulk orders start from 50 hats. The higher volume ordered, the more discount you will be eligible for.

How should the hats be transported back and forth to home for washing?

We can supply a laundry bag which is also supplied with embroidered name and role.

How are the hats washed?

Our theatre hats can be washed at 60 degrees centigrade and tumble dried either inside the laundry bag or on their own.

Are the hats made in the UK?

Yes, our hats are made in the UK by a top class manufacturing company in an ISO 9001 approved environment.

Do you make bespoke items?

Yes, we can, depending on how many you require. You can send enquiries to sales@warwickmed.co.uk