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Laundering hats at home

  • We advise users to purchase at least three hats each to allow for laundry rotation.  Most of our customers purchase 4 hats each and one laundry bag each.

  • A new hat should be worn each day or each shift. The hats should be changed more often if contaminated.

  • Dirty Theatre Caps should be transported separately from clean Theatre Caps, Our laundry bags are perfect for this​

  • The Theatre Caps should be washed at 60 degrees or higher and tumble-dried and may be ironed (although our hats are crease resistant)

  • Our hats can actually be washed at up to 85 degrees so can be laundered commercially also.

  • Some hospitals use colour-coded Theatre Caps to signify the role of the clinician, but there is no standardisation of this. You may wish to check and follow any local guidance.

wash machine

How to do your laundry during the pandemic

Here's how to wash your clothes and other items to help reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

Wash on the hottest program your care label recommends

While we normally recommend washing in cold water, heat is one of the best ways of rendering viruses inactive. If you're washing by hand, make it as hot as you can stand.

Wash high-risk clothes at 60°C or above

Clothing that's been exposed to bodily fluids – such as blood, vomit, sweat and faeces, including clothing worn over an open wound and communal towels – can spread viruses readily. This means you should wash your workout gear, towels, underwear and especially reusable nappies and baby clothes at 60°C or hotter. 

Heavily soiled items and clothing used in food preparation should be washed separately, and even though you're now exercising on your own, don't re-wear your smelly gym clothes – put them straight in the wash.

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