Our Mission & About Us


Our Mission

WarwickMed is leading the change from disposable theatre caps to reusable “name and role” cloth hats. These are already boosting staff morale and reducing patients’ anxiety as they enable everyone to identify the people around them, quickly and easily. Our mission is to improve communication among healthcare professionals and patients by sharing best practice and promoting the many benefits of our eco-friendly, personalised caps.

About Our Company

My name is Danielle Checketts, Managing Director of Warwick Medical. 


As a former medical professional, I am passionate about patient safety and communication.  My mission is to help create a safer, greener NHS.  

I started my medical career when I was 18 and alongside this, I also set up a business in balloon décor.  I started working with the NHS as a Health Care Assistant and went on to qualify as a Staff Nurse specialising in Cardiology.  After 7 years in the NHS, I decided to combine my health care experience and burgeoning business skills by making the leap into medical sales.  Here I saw first-hand how having access to the right medical advances could change patients’ lives. I also realised that collecting and sharing personal stories and clinical evidence was crucial in promoting those advances, enabling even more people to get life-changing treatment. 

Going it Alone: 


With years of healthcare and business experience under my belt, plus several awards and a qualification from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, in 2013 I branched out on my own. I launched Warwick Medical to help the NHS run more efficiently, to make savings where possible and to champion patient safety and communication. We’ve gone from strength to strength, working with partners right across the NHS. I’ve used my experience of business and supply chains to create savings for hospitals and trusts and provide clinical staff with hands-on training and education.


Named Reusable Theatre Caps: 


In February 2020 I became involved in the campaign to introduce this ground-breaking headwear. The additional PPE required to fulfil COVID-19 regulations meant that patients and staff could not easily recognise each other, causing major difficulties in communication.  After many months of research, I learned that reusable theatre caps, embroidered with people's names and roles would reduce the chance of mistakes and miscommunication between clinicians and reconnect patients with the people caring for them. This was a simple solution to a potentially life-threatening problem, and one that seemed the perfect match for my skills, ethics, and values. I partnered with a Midlands-based firm in the UK which has been producing high-quality, affordable specialist workwear since 1939. They have been successfully manufacturing surgical gowns for the NHS and Nightingale Hospitals throughout the Covid 19 pandemic and they are now working with us to design and create customised, reusable caps for the NHS.  We are working hard to spread the word to many more trusts and hospitals, showcasing the personal stories of numerous individuals and departments who have benefited from this straightforward but highly effective breakthrough. We pride ourselves on sharing best practice and introducing vital savings plus the environmental benefits of moving away from single use, disposable caps to reusable “name and role” fabric hats.  


In order to provide evidence and current up to date research, we have been working closely with Birmingham University, who have already produced a theatre fabric hat review which provides thorough information on some of the hospitals in the UK who have already made the change to name and role fabric theatre hats.  This review explores the results, benefits, and challenges of implementing fabric hats into their hospitals.  We have also had a pilot microbial study undertaken by the University which will compare the differences of wearing disposable to fabric hats, plus, washing the fabric hats at home (as most staff in other parts of the hospital take their uniforms home to wash) and how effectively domestic washing of the headwear is.  Our next microbial study will be across more trusts and involve more clinicians.

We have also had a case study done which explains clearly how making the change to our hats has produced the many benefits described above.

neil draper.jpg

Neil Draper

Director Of Finance & eCommerce

I am passionate about IT and always looking for ways to improve efficiency through technology. I gained qualifications in media, website design and building back office systems to cope with the demands of the ever-changing online industry. 

When Danielle came up with the idea of making a change within the NHS to boost patient safety and communication through the "Named Theatre Hats" campaign, I instantly knew that I wanted to be part of this hugely worthwhile initiative.

I moved on to learn sales and marketing, health and safety and eventually finance and started a successful logistics company plus various online shopping stores. I enjoy spending my (limited) free time on the golf course or working out in the gym

Meet The Team


Joy Baker

Researcher and administrator

I started my career as a typist in an Insurance company, then progressed to various other companies, as well as bringing up our 3 children.

Most of my role with Warwick Med focuses on research and administration.  This allows me to combine my enthusiasm for communication and patient safety with the experience I’ve built up over many years, working in the NHS.


I’ve held numerous administrative and secretarial roles alongside consultants, nurses and managers in a variety of different NHS hospitals.

Away from the NHS, I’ve also worked for the Professional Standards Department at Warwickshire Police HQ, on the Front Desk at Wiltshire Police HQ and in the Forensics and Vehicle Recovery Departments.


Ben Checketts

IT and operations

I’ve spent 20 years in Telecoms and IT business, much of that time in Senior Management.

As a keen advocate of tech in both my work and my personal life, I am uniquely placed to see the overall picture and I particularly relish orchestrating the various moving parts to provide the complete solution.

Project Management, mergers and acquisitions plus ‘people’ management are key strings to my bow.

I get excited about technical systems, system integration and automation. Outside work, I enjoy travel and dealing in rare and historic vinyl records, which has given me the chance to flex my entrepreneurial muscles.