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Sustainable NHS Healthcare Conference 2024

We hope that you all enjoyed the Sustainability in Healthcare Conference at the Society of Medicine on Wednesday.  I’m sure you saw us (wearing reusable theatre hats with yellow name badges) but you may not have had the opportunity to come and say hello!


Our products replace disposable theatre caps which are thrown away each day.  Disposable scrub caps in theatres add up to a colossal amount of waste.  Earlier this month, a trust in Birmingham implemented our reusable caps and calculated that they purchased and discarded 250,000 caps annually and across the UK the savings on disposables by switching to reusable theatre hats would be millions!

Eco Ninjas at Sustainable NHS Conference 2024
Eco Ninjas

We have been selling our embroidered theatre hats for a couple of years now which have been a fantastic initiative in improving communication for teams, enhancing the patient journey and patient safety all whilst generating a saving- we have a case study on NHS England’s website Case study which lists the many benefits.

Despite embroidered theatre hats providing so many positive attributes, there are many limitations and drawbacks to ordering them including when staff members leave, the hats cannot be worn by anyone else!


After realising the drawbacks of bespoke embroidery, our Eco Ninjas have been working hard to provide an improved solution: ‘Theatre badge hats’.  The badges attach securely to the hats and when a person leaves, the hats can be worn by another staff member so they stay in circulation, within the department/hospital which also makes the product more cost-effective.

All staff, visitors & students can be identified with our badge hats, so safety is enhanced also. 


Our badge hats can be washed at home and are also perfect for hospitals that are not allowed to take their hats home to wash because they can be laundered alongside the scrubs (after detaching the badges).

We are working with laundry companies like Elis who could launder the hats for hospitals like they do with other reusable healthcare garments.

We have conducted thorough research by working closely with universities, expert testing centres Test results and Innovative UK to bring our product to the market.  Our manufacturing partners are Northumbria Healthcare Manufacturing and Innovation Hub, ISO-certified and experts in manufacturing healthcare apparel.

All our products including our badges are manufactured here in the UK!


Feel free to visit our website to find out more about your journey to creating a Sustainable NHS.


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