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The Collaborative Approach

The collaborative approach is critical to the successful execution of offered services within your hospital. An appropriate synching of communication between practitioners of different scales and levels can leverage the ongoing improvement of the quality, care, and treatment received at the patient's end.

How effective are teamwork/team interactions?

  1. Reducing the likelihood of miscommunication (WHO Reports: 70% of adverse events in theatre environments are due to some form of miscommunication)

  2. Providing an efficient and flexible working environment.

  3. Meaningful and logical understanding of existing challenges above any specific perspective.

  4. Delivering confidence in the patients’ experience

Irrespective of the scale of importance of facilities, provisions, and tools available amongst the team, there are opportunities for improved and more sustainable communication.

The significance:

When a patient can easily identify who is looking after them, they feel more at ease, less anxious and this, in turn, enables a better recovery. As you can see below, it would be almost impossible for the patient to identify who is who, the staff also face the same issues on a daily basis.

One such challenge is "Mistaken Identity". Wearing a mask is a Covid-19 pandemic protocol essential and its acceptance has settled globally. Not only with the general public, but healthcare teams not unusually being confused in recognising the other person or team member.

What if there is a simple solution? Predominantly helping to create a safer, greener NHS along with being:

  • Cost-effective

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Integrating effective communication between clinicians and between the patient and the healthcare worker (Personalised).

#WarwickMedUK headed by Danielle Checketts (Managing Director, Warwick Med) a former medical professional with the NHS, is committed as a patient safety advocate and is passionate about improving communication along with a more sustainable NHS.

Offering "Name and Role" reusable #ClothHats ( #TheatreCaps #TheatreHats ) in place of disposable hats are making a huge difference in hospitals and are also helping to make a Greener NHS.

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