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Cloth Hat Study

The purpose of this review was to gather information from NHS hospital staff who have implemented or are planning to implement wearing cloth hats in the Theatre environment. The company wanted to explore the end user’s experience in the instigation and utilisation of cloth caps compared to disposable hats and demonstrate that they work well and pose no increase in infection rates or cross contamination.

This report aims to provide the company with highly valuable feedback from an NHS hospital staff’s perspective, in order to provide evidence on the effectiveness of reusable cloth hats compared to disposable hats. The reviewers shared their experience and gave feedback on the design, use and care of the cloth hats. In addition, a search was performed of published literature relating to studies in the literature looking at what happens to infection rates when cloth hats are used.


This information will help in the development of the company’s products from a medical standpoint and potentially NHS England can use these findings to present to the Infection Prevention Control lead for the Country

The reviewers consisted of 7 subject matter experts including an anaesthetist, an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP), a Matron in Theatre & Recovery, an Energy and Sustainability Manager, a Senior ODP, a Clinical Procurement Lead for Theatres and a Lead Midwife for Continuity of Carer from University Hospitals Birmingham Trust, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, NHS Fife, University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust and the Liverpool NHS Trust.


All reviewers have recent and regular experience in their area of expertise, with over 5 years’ experience and so were highly skilled.

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