Size Guide


Heads come in different shapes and sizes so it is important that you measure your head correctly to ensure your hat is a perfect fit. The easiest way to decide your hat size is to take the measurement in centimetres and then check the chart below for the right size.


How to measure your head for a hat

To determine your correct hat size, measure the circumference around your head across the temples and above the eyebrow ridges / around the ears. (Follow the bottom of the hat as in the image below shows)
If you fall between measurements go for the next hat size up. Your hat should be snug on your head, but comfortable to wear.


WM 195gsm Red Elastic back hat 1.png

This image is a small hat, Jacqueline's head measures 56.5 cm and her hair length is just below the shoulder, this hat is a perfect & snug fit. As a guide once you measure your head add 2-3cm to this measurement if you have hair beyond shoulder length. If you have short hair then you don't need to add anything.

Sizing Examples:

Head Measurement: 58Cm
Hair Length: Shoulder or just below

Hat Size: Medium


Head Measurement: 55Cm
Hair Length: Long, beyond armpit length

Hat Size: Small

Small 55-58 cm

Medium 59-62 cm

Large 63-66 cm

X Large 63-66 cm ( for larger volume of hair)

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