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About Our Products

Why buy from Eco Ninjas ?

We are passionate about the improvements which sustainable name and role theatre hats can provide.  We have spent the past 3 years exploring alternative ways to personalise theatre hats and we have conducted research, case studies and a microbiology study so we can provide as much evidence as possible to help NHS and private hospitals to implement sustainable alternatives.


We have been working with experts at Birmingham University, Innovate UK, and TWI at Cambridge on our new range of detachable theatre badge hats which are a fantastic alternative to bespoke embroidered caps.


Our manufacturing partners are Northumbria Healthcare Manufacturing and Innovation Hub, a wholly owned subsidiary of the NHS trust.  The Northumbria manufacturing hub manufacture all our hats and they are ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 certified which demonstrates their commitment to quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety. 

All our products including the name badges are manufactured in the UK. 


We don’t just sell our products into hospitals; we spend time in theatres with staff listening to their feedback and working towards continually improving our products also.

Nurse with Eco Ninjas badge hat

Bulk orders & personalisation

Warwick Med Embroidery Manufacturing

Our embroidered hat orders start from 50 hats.  As they are personalised/bespoke, we need to be set up on your system as a new suppler and a PO raised. The embroidery thread colour is white on dark coloured hats and navy blue on lighter colour hats.


Our fabric is polycotton, just like scrubs which is lightweight (4oz) and we have 13 colours to choose from.

We make all our hats to order by hand, from cutting the fabric to embroidering the hat and then sewing to make the complete and final product. Orders will take 2-3 weeks to complete. We can also embroider company logos. 

Our Fabric

  • Latex free elastic (where used)

  • Crease resistant finish

  • Extensive stock range

  • Easy care finish

  • Ideal fabric: 65% polyester 35% cotton

  • Weight: 145 gsm/ 4oz

  • Colours: 13

  • Wash: up to 70 degrees C and tumble dry

Eco Ninjas woven label logo


To ensure maximum comfort for our customers, we have added an internal lining on the inside of all our hats to stop the ‘fuzz’ of the embroidery irritating the forehead and to prevent the internal aspect of the press studs from contacting the skin.

inside of fabric hat and the fuzz
inside of fabric hat and the comfort layer
inside of fabric hat and the fuzz

Latex free

Latex-free products and garments are advised in healthcare due to the prevalence of latex allergies among both patients and healthcare workers. Latex is a natural rubber material derived from the sap of the rubber tree, and it is commonly used in medical gloves, catheters, bandages, and other medical products.


Some individuals develop allergic reactions to latex, which can range from mild skin irritation to severe and potentially life-threatening anaphylaxis. Healthcare workers who frequently use latex gloves are at a higher risk of developing latex allergies due to repeated exposure. To prevent allergic reactions and ensure the safety of patients and healthcare workers, many healthcare facilities have transitioned to latex-free products. This helps to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and ensures that individuals with latex allergies can receive medical care without encountering potentially harmful substances.

The composition of our elastic is 77% Polyester and 23% Elastine. Latex free elastic is equally durable to rubber elastic and will maintain its stretch retention. Latex free elastic in all our products is a necessity and also ties in with our environmental aim in reducing the carbon footprint as fewer carcinogens are used in the manufacturing process.

Available Colours

Supplied with or without embroidery, Also available with press studs to affix name badges to

Eco Ninjas Colour Royal 020

Navy 020

Eco Ninjas Colour Royal 019

Royal 019

Eco Ninjas Colour Hospital blue 023

Hospital blue 023

Eco Ninjas Colour Pale blue 032

Pale blue 032

Eco Ninjas Colour Purple 024

Purple 024

Eco Ninjas Colour Red 027

Red 027

Eco Ninjas Colour Pale grey 018

Pale grey 018

Eco Ninjas Colour Gun metal 026

Gun metal  026

Eco Ninjas Colour Black 045

Black 045

Eco Ninjas Colour Bottle 025

Bottle 025

Eco Ninjas Colour Light green 083

Light green 083

Eco Ninjas Colour Mint green 091

Mint green 091

Eco Ninjas Colour Turquoise 046

Turquoise 026

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