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Size guide

Please ensure you measure your head; this will enable the best fit possible.

All heads come in different shapes and sizes, so it is important that you measure your head correctly if ordering our embroidered hats to ensure your hat is a perfect fit as each hat is bespoke to the name which it is made for. The easiest way to decide your hat size is to take the measurement in centimetres and then check the chart below for the right size.

How to measure your head for a hat:
To determine your correct hat size, measure the circumference around your head across the temples and above the eyebrow ridges / around the ears. (Follow the bottom of the hat as in the image below shows). If you fall between measurements go for the next hat size up. Your hat should be snug on your head, but comfortable to wear.

Nurse wearing reusable embroidered theatre hat by Eco Ninjas

This image is a medium hat, Jacqueline's head measures 56.5 cm and her hair length is just below the shoulder, this is a perfect & snug fit. 

Sizing Examples:
Head Measurement: 58Cm
Hair Length: Shoulder or just below

Hat Size: Medium

Head Measurement: 56Cm
Hair Length: Long, beyond armpit length

Small 55-63 CM

Medium 58-66 cm

Large 64-72 cm

X Large 65-73 cm ( for larger volume of hair)

Eco Ninjas, Long Hair back
Eco Ninjas, Long Hair front
Eco Ninjas badge hat

Victoria’s head measures a small size, but she requires a medium size or a hammock to comfortably fit all her hair in also.

If you need any assistance, please give us a call or drop us an email:

As a guide once you measure your head add 2-3cm to this measurement if you have hair beyond shoulder length. If you have short hair then you don't need to add anything. Danielle’s head measures well for a small hat but when the hair is added, a medium size is required.


For the most accurate measurements for our embroidered hats, we do advise to order one of our sample packs and allow all staff to try the hats on.  As men often have short hair, the adjustable bandana usually fits most men without an issue, and we have tried our bandana on children with small heads and it works well. 

One of the fantastic benefits of our badge hat range is that the hats can be ordered and the size selected afterwards which stops the hold up of the order.  Embroidery is great but one of the main limitations is the ordering process and the requirement of all staff members needing to try the hats on to select the most appropriate size for them. 


We have had clinicians who have ‘guessed’ their hat size based on head circumference alone and they have been incorrect when adding their hair to the hat also, so they have unfortunately been wasted!  Our badge hats are plain with press studs at the front so measuring heads prior is not necessary- the hats can be selected on arrival, just like scrub sizes are selected at the start of each day!

Colour guide and measuring

  • 13 Colours available

  • Latex Free

  • Lightweight 4oz, 145Gsm

  • Crease Resistant Finish

  • Extensive Stock Range

  • Easy Care Finish

  • Ideal fabric: 65% polyester 35% cotton

  • Sizes, elastic back, S, M, L, XL,

  • Bandana, one size.

  • Hammock, one size for long thick hair and braids

  • Braided hat, one size for long hair braids

  • Wash: Up to 70 degrees C and tumble dry

NEW Hammock hat available for long, thick heavy hair including some braids.

Eco Ninjas Colour Royal 020

Navy 020

Eco Ninjas Colour Royal 019

Royal 019

Eco Ninjas Colour Hospital blue 023

Hospital blue 023

Eco Ninjas Colour Pale blue 032

Pale blue 032

Eco Ninjas Colour Purple 024

Purple 024

Eco Ninjas Colour Red 027

Red 027

Eco Ninjas Colour Pale grey 018

Pale grey 018

Eco Ninjas Colour Gun metal 026

Gun metal  026

Eco Ninjas Colour Black 045

Black 045

Eco Ninjas Colour Bottle 025

Bottle 025

Eco Ninjas Colour Light green 083

Light green 083

Eco Ninjas Colour Mint green 091

Mint green 091

Eco Ninjas Colour Turquoise 046

Turquoise 026

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