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Our studies & research

We have been conducting thorough research over the past few years to understand the main issues and challenges which NHS operating theatres faced when ordering personalised theatre hats. 


Our in-depth understanding was a crucial step in helping us to gain invaluable insights into the needs and pain points of ordering bespoke theatre hats, which has enabled us to innovate our new product range of badge hats which we feel are an advanced and improved product, with new features of theatre hat personalisation which addresses the main shortcomings which the existing products have.


Our research driven approach has allowed us to develop our innovative and effective solutions in that of our badge hat range which we hope will meet or even exceed customer expectations. 


Our thorough understanding of the current complexities (thanks to our research) has allowed us to enhance our understanding of customer preferences, market trends and technological advancements, ultimately leading us to create our sustainable theatre hat range which are simple and quick to order in large quantities.

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