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Hospital Policy

Hospital Policy

All of our Theatre hats comply with Policy Standards. 


“Cloth Theatre caps that are personalised and reusable are welcome in NHS Trusts, to help maintain the individuality of team-workers and to help identify them by name and role.  This improves communication and reduces uncertainty, bias, embarrassment and errors.  Large studies have shown that cloth Theatre caps reduce bacterial shedding and reduce patients’ surgical site infections” (Royal college of Surgeons). 


For those staff members intending to use a cloth Theatre Cap, the following apply: 


  • It is advisable to purchase at least 3 cloth hats, to allow for laundry rotation. 

  • If writing is on the hat, it should be clear, including name and role. 

  • The name may be first name or surname or both. The role should be stated. 

  • The Theatre hat is covered by a standard NHS Dress Code or Uniform policy 

  • Staff should not wear the item out of work. 

  • The Theatre hat should cover all hair. 

  • A clean Theatre cap should be worn for every shift. It should be changed during the shift if contaminated. 

  • Clean hats should be transported to work in a clean container.  Used caps should be transported home in a container separate from the clean hats. 

  • Sufficient clean hats should be brought so spares are available for any contamination episodes. 

  • The Theatre hat should be washed at 60 degrees Centigrade or at 40 degrees Centigrade and tumble-dried or dried on a washing line in sunlight and ironed. 

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