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Launch of new badge hat range

We at Eco Ninjas by Warwick Med have been working hard in supplying reusable

embroidered theatre caps for over three years to various NHS hospitals in the UK and we have developed extensive knowledge and expertise around this topic.

We have worked with universities, sustainability leaders and various speciality consultants in conducting evaluations and microbial studies so we are fully aware of the main pros and cons of implementing bespoke reusable theatre hats. From the ordering process in collating all the correct sizes of clinicians, considering their hair lengths also, to what happens when staff members leave and no one else can wear those hats, we feel we have the perfect solution. 

We have designed and created a new range of personalised products which addresses the main pain points, including third party laundering which isn’t possible with embroidered products, so our hats can be washed at high temperatures just like scrubs! They can also be worn by other staff members when someone leaves which makes our new design a more sustainable alternative to embroidery and they are more cost effective too!

When we formed Warwick Med and uncovered so many complications and issues with

regards to hospitals trying to collate the information required to order personalised

embroidered theatre hats, we knew that we could find a better way to do it, so we set out on a long journey of research, understanding and product testing.

In a theatre setting, badges are often covered up by theatre gowns, lanyards are tucked

away, and both often have too small a font to read the details from a distance.

Lanyards can easily accidentally be turned around, so the names/roles are not always visible, and many other issues arise from wearing this type of name badge also. It is critical to be able to recognise the importance of using first names, especially in crisis time-sensitive scenarios. 

Advocates having names and roles easily visible on theatre hats have given feedback to

how this simple practice has had a transformational change to their working environment which provides huge benefits.

Over the last five years or so, names and roles have been written directly onto disposable hats, printed onto stickers & stuck onto the hats, ironed-on, printed and embroidered onto fabric hats and this simple low-cost initiative has gathered global momentum and recognition in improving communication and having an overall general improvement in surgical outcomes.

We believe that we have designed the safest and best eco-friendly alternative to

all of these tried methods of identifying staff members using theatre hats.

Embroidered garments do not form part of the national uniform workwear for many reasons.

The tried and tested methodology of plain garments/uniforms with name badges attached, to identify all personnel is exactly what has evolved with our new theatre badge hat product range as we have successfully combined a reusable theatre hat with a modern innovative name badge.

We have investigated a plethora of fixation methods and badge materials: from magnets to Velcro to a plastic window/pocket on hats and we eventually found the perfect fixation and innovative name badges which are easy to attach, remove and clean.

Name badges recommended:


Suggestions are to promote identification of badges clipped to a higher level on the chest for example, where they are less likely to be touched or become contaminated and less likely to contact the patient.

(C.M.Murphy et al.  The journal of Hospital Infection, 2017

“Clip-on identity badges may be a better solution, with significantly less bacterial colonisation than lanyards”.

“Like lanyards, clip-on badges retain the benefits of readable identification and the potential to be adapted with colours to emphasise roles”. 


​“A fixed position on the upper chest minimises contact with the clinical environment. Further away from the wearer’s hands than a lanyard, a clip-on badge makes hand re-contamination more difficult”.


“Clip-on identity badges fulfil the same purpose with less threat to infection control”.


We believe that our surgical badge hats are the future of sustainable, easily

identifiable headwear and name badges in operating theatres!

Our badges have been tested by industry experts to show that they are suitable for their

designed use (peel test) and can withstand vigorous cleaning without being affected by the chemicals used in hospitals (degradation test). Theatre team example Royal blue hats with different coloured badges to denote various roles.

Feel free to read the full test results on our website by clicking the link below.

If you would like a price list and our electronic badge hat brochure, please contact us: or fill in a contact form on the link below:


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