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Eco-friendly theatre caps benefit patients and staff

Sustainability is a priority for all NHS Trusts in the UK and our eco-friendly name and role theatre hats have been very well received at The Royal Liverpool who sent a press release out a couple of weeks ago, with the main aim of creating a Greener NHS and improving communication amongst staff and patients. Some of the below quotes taken from the study clearly show that we are heading in the right direction to achieve our purpose.

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (LUHFT) is at the forefront of Trusts nationally to introduce eco-friendly theatre caps.

The caps have now been rolled out for many theatre staff at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, with plans to introduce them Trust wide imminently.

The caps now make it easier to identify specific individuals, which is beneficial for patients as they can better identify who is caring for them, and also for colleagues in cross-team working and fast-paced emergency scenarios, such as resuscitation.

Dr Mruga Diwan, Consultant Anaesthetist at Liverpool University Hospitals, has been involved in implementing the reusable caps at the Trust. She said: “The use of reusable named theatre caps enables better communication, and since wearing our own personalised caps we have noticed an improvement not only between staff engagement, but also for our patients.

Read to full article here

Case Study

We now have a case study on our reusable theatre hats also, which we are happy to share with you should you request it from us. If you missed our previous study where we gathered information from NHS hospital staff to prove the value and purpose of named cloth hats, you can view this here


We are working hard to look to get our new product designs onto the NHSSC Framework to make it easier for trusts to purchase hats from us.

We will hopefully have some very exciting news about this soon.

Multicultural theatre hats

We have a unique hat now which will help many Africans and Caribbean's in medicine, as they face many barriers when wearing head wear in the theatre environment. There are no designs of theatre head wear which are suitable for staff with hair braids/dreadlocks and there is a plethora of issues which staff encounter every single day because of this. We have disposable and reusable options available which will help many clinicians to be more comfortable at work.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or if you would like us to help you to make the change to reusable theatre hats. Or have a browse through our website we publish lots of useful information.

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